Fall Bull Sale
Monday, November 20th, 2017

(Monday before Thanksgiving)

Connealy Angus

Connealy Angus is located in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. The base cow herd has always been heavily culled for productivity traits, and is managed under rugged conditions that mimic the commercial operations in this area.

Through the years, we have used a larger variety of industry leading sires in our extensive AI program. This has allowed us a wide base of genetics from which to draw as we select our animals for sale and for replacements.

Connealy Angus offers two bull sales per year. The fall sale will be held on the Monday before Thanksgiving, November 20th, 2017. There will be approximately 220 bulls selling – both yearlings and coming two year olds. The next spring sale will be held on the fourth Saturday of March, which is March 24th, 2018.

We thank all of our customers for their past patronage, and we appreciate the interest of those who are looking into our bulls for the first time.

Fall Bull Sale

Monday, November 20th, 2017
(The Monday before Thanksgiving)
Selling approximately 220 bulls – both yearlings and coming 2 year olds.

2016-2017 Bull Sale Photos

One Cow

Pick of the Dams

There will be one female lot in our 2017 Spring Bull Sale

This lot will be the “Pick of the Dams” of the bulls who sell on the day of the sale. The cow will sell “as is” - open or pregnant. If there is a calf at side, it will remain the property of Connealy Angus. The buyer can declare the cow after the bid is won, or will have up to two weeks after the sale to make the decision.

When the sale order is posted on our website, approximately one week before the sale, it will be noted which bulls have dams that are still in our herd and available for purchase, as well as the position of the “Pick of the Dams” lot.

Dams of:
Connealy Commonwealth (Sexing Technologies, Way View Cattle Co, Woodall Angus)
Connealy Confidence Plus (Benoit Angus, Genex Cooperative)
Connealy Countdown (Vermilion Ranch)
Connealy Earl Marshall (Rafter U Cross, Janssen Angus)
Connealy Full Metal (Alta Genetics, Koupal’s B&B Angus)
Connealy Impact (Hoover Angus Farm, Landi McFarland)
Connealy Irish 0204 (Genex Cooperative, TC Ranch)
Connealy Judgment (J C Heiken Angus, K G Ranch)
Connealy Power Surge 3115 (Select Sires, Mead Farms, Gerloff Farms)
Connealy Rampart (Sexing Technologies)
Connealy Revelation 2353 (Dikoff Angus Ranch, Lazy TV Ranch)
Connealy Sandhills 122 (Accelerated Genetics, Mohnen Angus Farms)

Maternal sisters of:
Connealy Answer 7304 (Cedar Stop Ranch, Dave Lensegrav)
Connealy Badlands (Richard Angus Ranch, Genex Cooperative)
Connealy Counselor (Hoover Angus Farm, Landi McFarland, ABS Global)
Connealy Courage 25L (Select Sires, Way View Cattle Company, Silver Creek Angus)
Connealy Gold (Gardels Farms)
Connealy Greeley (Bill Dugan)
Connealy Guinness (Accelerated Genetics, Jindra Angus)
Connealy Impact (Hoover Angus Farm, Landi McFarland)
Connealy Impression (Berent Thompson, ABS Global)
Connealy Lead On (ABS Global)
Connealy Leader (Genex Cooperative)
Connealy Mentor 7374 (Select Sires)
Connealy Stimulus 8419 (Musgrave Angus, ABS Global, Heiller Family Angus)
Connealy United (CRV, Quaker Hill Farm, Woodhill Farms)
Connealy Uptown (Select Sires, Way View Cattle Co, Claylick Run Farm)
Connealy Wrangler (Accelerated Genetics, Knoll Crest Farm)

Spring Bull Calf

One 2016 Spring Bull Calf

Choose one bull calf from four that will be available during the 2016 Fall Bull Sale.

When the Fall Bull Sale Catalog is produced, we will have chosen four of our Spring bull calves that we feel have performed well up to weaning.

We will offer the choice of one of these calves in the Fall Sale. The calves' information will be listed in the catalog, the four calves will be available to view at the sale site, and when the auction is held, the “2016 Spring Bull Calf” lot will be sold. The winning bidder may choose one of these calves.

Ranch Photos

About Us

About Us

Jerry, Sharon & Donnie

Marty and Donnie Connealy began raising Angus cattle in 1961, on the ranch south of Whitman that has been in Donnie's family for decades and serves as the sale site, today.

Donnie continues to carry on the ranching tradition with her son, Jerry, his wife Sharon, and two of their four children and their families.

Off-ranch children are Ben, who resides in San Diego, and daughter Hannah and her husband Erik, who reside in Boston.

About Us

Colin, Jed, Cian, Kara, and Aislynn Connealy

Jerry and Sharon's oldest son, Jed, and his wife, Kara, have been involved with the ranch since after their graduation from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2005. They have two sons; Cian and Colin, and a daughter, Aislynn.

About Us

Gabriel & Becca Connealy

Jerry & Sharon's youngest son, Gabriel, and his wife Becca, joined the ranch full-time after completing their studies in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln system in May of 2017.

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Connealy Angus
Box 96
Whitman, NE 69366

Jerry & Sharon Connealy
Donnie Connealy
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Jed & Kara Connealy
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Gabriel & Becca Connealy
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